16 channels of video recording, and up to 100 ACTpro doors, makes ACTviquest an ideal single-box solution for small to medium applications.
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Product features

The ACTviquest is capable of recording up to 16 channels, and managing your complete access control solution, up to 100 doors. It comes in a compact desktop form factor. With a 4TB harddrive, the ACTviquest will suits most small to medium sized applications, with approximitely 25 days recording (720p, 25fps, 24hr).

ACTviquest also features:
  • Live View, 16 way, Full HD
  • Integrated Event Manager
  • Smart Archive Search
  • Dual Monitor Support
  • Mobile App allowing you to view video from anywhere
  • Simple installation wizard

If you require more than 16 channels, multiple ACTviquest units can be easily used together, and will flawlessy integrate into one dashboard.
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